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About the Library

The goal of the Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary and College (CBT) library is to support the curriculum of the seminary by providing supplemental material and resources for study and research by its students and faculty. Further, it is the library’s goal to provide support to pastors, laypersons and community users through the use of our resources and facilities. The library has more than 36,000-catalogued volumes and over 185 periodical titles. Additions to our holdings are being made continually.

The library is uses the open-source library automated system, Koha. CBT along with Alberta Bible College are joined together in a consortium called SALT (Southern Alberta Libraries of Theology). This consortium allows circulation privileges between the 2 schools for our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. We hope that through this union catalogue, the members of the SALT consortium will benefit from the additional resources each institutional library provides.

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